Urodził się gibbon!
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W piątek 13 listopada urodził się gibbon czubaty; jest to już 9 dziecko naszej pary hodowlanej Gucia i Boni; o tej porze roku gibbony nie wychodzą już na wyspę, ale można je zobaczyć w domku przy Alei Głównej - noworodek jest wtulony w sierść na br...

Welcome to Warsaw Zoo
Zoo is the unique place, unusual and beautifull. It's not only an enclave of happiness to endangered species but also mainstay of tranquility and calmness to people. Several hour sojourn with family or friends lasts in memory for long and allows to feel animals with all of senses.

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Elephants' rumbles cause trembling of whole body, lion's roar evokes shiver, manned wolves' smell - muse over mammals' world essence and close encounters with multiple species causes, that when visit to Zoo comes to the end we develop even greater estimation toward nature and certainty that we must protect it with our joined effort.

Over a 40 hectares of beautiful park there is 5 thousand animals of 500 species and among them many of those that can be seen only in zoological gardens. However, visit to the Zoo is not only pleasant way of education but also recreation. We offer a modern children playground to our visitors, excellent loans to enjoy lying down, benches for nice rest and multiple food points reach in many different meals. All of our facilities are adopted for handicapped people, include modern free of charge toilets and air condition. Thus Zoological Garden is the place to spent whole the day and live over many unforgettable moments. Visit us to verify it.


You are sincerely welcome!
Dr Andrzej G. Kruszewicz - Warsaw ZOO Director


 Zoo Live
You are welcome to watch individual animals by 24 hours. We installed cameras in rooms of chimpanzees, gorillas and giraffes.



Here you can see many pictures from our Zoo. 



Films from Zoo


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Opening Hours
Attention! Children under 12 can visit our ZOO only with adults! Cashdesks are closed an hour before
Adult: 20 pln, Children: 15 pln, Children KMW: 13 pln
Family ticket (2+1): 50 pln, Family ticket (2+1) KMW: 45 pln
One year ticket: 70 pln, One year adult ticket: 50 pln ,One year adult ticket KMW: 45 pln More>>
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